Swen Baez

swen baez
SWEN BAEZ - born 1977 - is one of germany´s techno originals that were part of the rise of techno in the 90s. Growing up with vinyls and cassettes he is one of the last DJs who appreciate the real value of great music. And this is how it all starts: While other kids spend their money for candy in school, Swen saves his last pennies to buy tapes or single vinyls. He continues collecting music and reaches a huge amount of vinyls when he meets the resident DJ of the well-known „dorian gray“ in Frankfurt in 1991 and learns from him. At the age of 18 everything changes: the death of his father completely crashes his life. Turning thirty he looses again. His mother and both of his grandparents die within two years. Despite this he never loses his creativity and his incredible optimism. He starts using music as a drug to cure his mental wounds and to immortalise the people he loves. Because of his father´s influence, soul music is an important fragment of his sound. Mixing this with hiphop elements from his youth and memories of all the loved ones, he creates a breathtaking sound, that empowers and gives hope. „Sharing my passion with others and seeing the emotions in their eyes is a feeling beyond words. I guess that´s what has helped me through hard times.“ With this passion for music and people he spreads the real vibes that techno music stands for: JOY, TOLERANCE AND LOVE! „Music means healing to me. At least I cure myself while I cure the audience. WHO´S BAEZ?

Colour your life !

When lights and colours fuse together, accompanied by House and Tech-House music, then it's time for the next Colours.

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